Inaugural smart unconference: ‘Interactions and Behaviors’

Devoted to the theme ‘Interactions and Behaviors’, the first smart unconference took place on 21 June 2017. The aim was to generate discussion to better understand the factors that influence the behavior and social interactions of users. The long-term goal is to develop buildings with information and management systems that minimize energy impact, optimize the use of space and meet the comfort needs and other requirements of occupants.

Researchers from the smart living lab and the companies involved were invited to the event to exchange viewpoints, discuss the matters linked to the theme of this first unconference, raise questions, identify problems and requirements relating to the theme and learn from one another’s perspectives.

The concept of the unconference goes like this: anyone can take to the stage in turn and give their pitch on a question, project or requirement. Following these 2-minute presentations, the participants vote for two of the topics that they would like to see developed further. In a second phase, groups can exchange and explore ideas on the chosen topics and then present their conclusions to the other participants.

A dinner buffet after these discussions allows participants to network with one another.

Of the 28 attendees (a third of whom representing companies), eight made a pitch. Four of these initial pitches were chosen for more in-depth discussion in the group sessions:

1.     L’impact de l’espace de travail sur l’engagement des employés

2.     Are we missing the diversity factor when designing for indoor thermal comfort?

3.     Smart Living Studio: work and live

4.     eSMART, la plateforme complète pour les immeubles durables et connectés

The event was held in English, French and German, and everyone was free to express themselves in one of these three languages. Further unconferences will be arranged on themes of import to the smart living lab.

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