The Smart Living Lab uses a number of research facilities to carry out experiments in real conditions. These facilities can be used in a partnership setting.

Atelier PopUp


The popup studio is a construction and experimental space dedicated to teaching and research. Adjoining the Smart Living Lab, the popup studio is a facility for constructing prototypes, building elements such as façades, roofing, and structure, or even entire buildings.

Building of the Smart Living Lab

© BFF SA / Behnisch Architekten

Construction of the Smart Living Lab’s own dedicated building in Fribourg is set to begin in the next years. This multidisciplinary living laboratory will serve as a catalyst of progress, providing fertile ground for carrying out work in real conditions.

Big Building Data (BBDATA)


Big Building Data (BBDATA) is a secure platform for storing building-related data, and makes use of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technology.

Controlled Environments for Living Lab Studies (CELLS)


The CELLS comprises two similar rooms for testing different comfort conditions and levels of automation.

Blue Hall

Halle Bleue ©Simon Pracchinetti

The Smart Living Lab is currently housed in the bluefactory’s Blue Hall. Its facilities include different systems for measuring energy consumption and sensors to monitor comfort levels.

Renewable Energy Integration Lab (LIRE)


The renewable energy integration lab (LIRE) provides a development and full-scale test platform for integrating different renewable energy sources and energy storage for a whole building.

Thermal & Energy Laboratory (LTE)


The mission of the Thermal & Energy Laboratory (LTE) is to carry out applied research projects related to the efficiency of thermal / electrical energy conversion in buildings, the design and optimization of decentralized energy systems.


NeighborHub 2017 @ DENVER - USA ©Simon Pracchinetti

Winner of the Solar Decathlon 2017, the NeighborHub solar house will have an even better future with the local population.