The popup studio is a construction and experimental space dedicated to teaching and research. Adjoining the Smart Living Lab, the popup studio is a facility for constructing prototypes, building elements such as façades, roofing, and structure, or even entire buildings. This is a unique and highly useful space, with enough capacity to house large-scale (1:1) prototypes.

It has a surface area of several hundred square meters, internal and external. It is fully equipped (including carpentry, plasterwork, metalwork, and paintwork), and combines research and applied knowledge. The popup studio also provides a space for discussion and experimentation on sustainable architecture, through both private and openly accessible events. 




Claude-Alain Jacot

EPFL Fribourg
Head of Technical Unit- EPFL
-project management
-manufacturing process

Charles Riedo

Head of Technical Unit- HEIA-FR
-manufacturing process


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