The biggest global conference on Living Labs

The Smart Living Lab confirmed its position as an active and forward-thinking participant in the global Living Labs ecosystem during the OpenLivingLab Days 2023 (OLLD), organised by the European Network of Living Labs, last week in Barcelona. EPFL researchers of the Smart Living Lab contributed to the event's success by engaging in various training sessions, workshops and social events. Their enthusiastic involvement demonstrated their commitment to advancing human-centric innovation and knowledge exchange within the Living Labs community.

Knowledge exchange in an era of transitions

OLLD23, held from 21 to 23 September in Barcelona, was a milestone event for the Living Labs community, serving as the biggest global conference in this field. It brought together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to explore the latest developments and trends in Living Labs. The event was not only an opportunity to share knowledge but also a platform for forging collaborations, discussing challenges, and envisioning the future of human-centric innovation and evaluation in the Living Labs ecosystem. The Smart Living Lab, in particular, took advantage of these exchanges, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of co-creation and learning.

Training for living lab manager

The EPFL Building2050 Group is preparing to take on the role of Living Lab Manager of the Smart Living Lab and thus exploit the new building as a research tool at the cutting edge of technology. To this end, in addition to being an integral part of the SWICE (Sustainable Well-being for the Individual and the Collectivity in the Energy transition) consortium, the research team attended the training proposed by ENOLL as part of the OLLD 2023 conference.  From Living lab Fundamentals, Pitfalls and Challenges, through Stakeholder Engagement and the Sustainability of a Living Lab. A very enriching experience, a multitude of contacts and a huge number of inspiring people.

The Smart Living Lab looks forward to future iterations of OLLD and the continued growth of Living Labs as a driving force for innovation. The edition 2024 will be held in Timișoara, Romania. For further inquiries or feedback regarding OLLD23, please contact the Building2050 Group, led by Sergi Aguacil or the Smart Living Lab communication team.

Living labs in a nutshell

During OLLD23, the concept of Living Labs was discussed extensively. Living Labs are dynamic environments that encompass four main activities:

  1. Co-creation: Living Labs emphasize the co-design process, where both users and producers collaborate to create innovative solutions. This approach ensures that products and services are tailored to real-world user needs.
  2. Exploration: Living Labs are hubs for discovering emerging usages, behaviors, and market opportunities. They provide a fertile ground for identifying trends and potential innovations.
  3. Experimentation: Implementing live scenarios within communities of users is a fundamental aspect of Living Labs. This allows for the testing and refinement of concepts, products, and services in real-life contexts.
  4. Evaluation: Living Labs rigorously assess concepts, products, and services according to socio-ergonomic, socio-cognitive, and socio-economic criteria. Evaluation ensures that innovations are not only technically viable but also socially and economically sustainable.

Smart Living Lab participants in OLLD23 from the Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab (HOBEL) and the Building2050 Group of EPFL © Bowen Du / EPFL


Sergi Aguacil Moreno

Head of Building2050
Manager of the integration of innovation in the building- EPFL
-project management
-sustainable architectural technology
-design and construction processes


OLLD 23 Programme Overview

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