Comprehensive human-clothing-environment modelling for apparel, built environment, and automotive applications

Agnes Psikuta, senior researcher at Empa in St-Gall, will present her research about "Comprehensive human-clothing-environment modelling for apparel, built environment, and automotive applications" in Fribourg. Meet the scientist, invited by Dusan Licina, Head of HOBEL, on Tuesday, 21.03.2023, from 14:00 to 15:00, at the blue Hall of bluefactory (room HBL0 21A).

Modelling of interaction between human body, clothing and the environment is in focus of many applications such as built environment, automotive cabins and apparel, and is important for both researchers and practitioners especially for comfort and energy use optimization. This talk gives an overview of existing models including human thermoregulation, clothing and comfort models, their quality and availability. Secondly, a glimpse into the physical and virtual lab will demonstrate the role of different tools, such as variety of functional manikins, virtual fashion design software or 3D scanning technology, in development of the above models, and energy and comfort research.

INVITED TALK | Agnes Psikuta, Senior researcher at Empa 14:00 | Halle bleue, bluefactory Fribourg (room HBL0 21A)



Agnes Psikuta is senior researcher at Laboratory for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles at Empa in St. Gallen. She holds degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning (MSc), Environmental Engineering (MSc and PhD) and Environmental Technology (MSc). Her scientific work at Empa focuses on development and validation of human thermal models including physiological thermoregulation, thermal sensation and comfort, clothing and proximate body environment for different applications such as in built environment, automotive or apparel fields. She is also having expert knowledge in thermal manikins and associated methods as well as new paradigms of human thermo-physiological simulation.