Platform for modelling and simulating integrated multisource heating networks

The ADVENS project aims to provide companies with a modelling tool that can help them improve the energy efficiency of industrial installations at both the design and operational level.

The development of this tool, which simultaneously simulates, sizes and optimises thermal and electrical networks, is based on the new concept of 'integrated' networks which deploy heat pumps with minimum electricity consumption in order to maximise their production of renewable energy. The system will therefore allow districts to further improve their self-consumption of electricity by pooling needs and available resources, and by facilitating the efficient transfer of thermal energy at different temperatures.

The project will also evaluate a new type of flexible multisource tri-thermal heat pump and the results will inform the industrial partners' projects to develop 100% renewable energy networks and integrate them in existing high-temperature networks by means of heat pump clusters. The modelling and simulation tool developed by the project team will enable companies to propose sustainable and competitive solutions when designing new networks and generate new opportunities to use energy more efficiently.