Energy efficiency optimisation of an ice rink

This project is intended to optimise the energy efficiency of an ice rink. This is made possible by understanding and verifying the underlying physical phenomena, and is achieved through the online pooling of resources.

The project will shed enable a better understanding and verification of the physical phenomena related to the ice in an ice rink, with the aim of striving towards energy efficiency in order to maintain the level of quality of ice required by a given type of user. To this end, it is necessary to improve the design of sensors and the development of a private telecommunications network, applicable to the area in question - covered and closed ice rinks - with a view to more rational energy use.

In the first phase, this project will enable the various actors, such as the ice manager, the technical managers and the building owners, to visualise and check online the proper functioning of an ice rink. In the second phase, they will then be able to correct and improve the infrastructure.

Today's energy efficiency applications are based on online services, which enable the pooling of the required resources. The deployment of these services requires a telecommunication infrastructure that is energy efficient, effective, secure, economically viable and ensures data confidentiality.

As this field of activity is currently in full expansion, a large number of telecommunications technologies dedicated to this type of application are emerging. The main characteristics of these technologies are: wireless, low power and long range.