initiation to BIO-based Light Aggregate Pelletizing

This project wants to experimentally evaluate the feasibility of pelletising light-weight aggregates (LWA) at room temperature from forestry and other biomass by-products (sawdust, combustion ashes) with cement as a binder, as a basis for follow-up research and potential commercialisation.

Lightweight concrete (LWC) reaches lower density and improved thermal performance compared to normal weight concrete, thanks to aggregates made of expanded clay or glass (LWA: e.g. LECA®, MISAPOR®), which are not environment friendly (high production energy, inorganic waste). Their replacement with bio-sourced aggregates (e.g. cherry pits and grape seeds instead of sand and gravel) has been proved to be more ecological but at the trade-off of mechanical and economic performance, strongly limiting the replacement rates.