The goal of the proposed research is to establish a cornerstone of "eye-sight external Venetian blinds" technology and to develop a test and demonstration platform at the Smart Living Lab to measure the accuracy and evaluate the performance of a set of innovative external Venetian blinds with their automation system based on real-time sky monitoring and computing from the perspective of daylight regulation and glare protection. The Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) in EPFL has developed a new automated external Venetian blinds control system with a sensing device targeted at the sky, which can dynamically change the shading positions according to the conditions of the sky. This advanced control system is predicted to regulate the daylight more precisely by employing a high-precision motor, thus enhancing users' visual comfort by reducing glare. This project aims to set a benchmark by testing this eye-sight external Venetian blinds prototype in the complex setting of the Smart Living Lab. Ultimately, this project will demonstrate its benefits, reliability and precision in daylight regulation and glare protection.