On 19 December 2018 FAR's Superstudio will conclude its first Rapa Nui season, focusing on the development of a regional policy vision for the territory, capable to consider and integrate the issues affecting its future sustenance at macro level. The idea is to arrive at proposing a conceptual morphology for the system of relations likely to define proper life and inhabitation on the island, as well as an agenda for the physical implementation of such system.

Students will contest a trip to Easter Island in January 2019 by presenting and discussing their work on 'System Rapa Nui' publicly, according to the format of the General Assembly of the United Nation.

Between 15:00 and 19:00 on 19 December 2018, in the SG Auditorium at EPFL, each of the 10 groups will introduce and defend their own 'resolution' proposal for the sustainable development of the island. At the end of the Assembly debate, students' own vote will determine the vision worthy of traveling to Santiago and Hanga Roa in January.