Foundations for AR-based Metamodeling

The Digitalization and Information Systems Group (DIGITS) of the University of Fribourg conducts fundamental research for joining conceptual modeling and augmented reality.

DIGITS research topics are positioned within the field of business informatics. Thereby the research team follows an engineering-oriented, explorative and experimental approach that ultimately leads to the design of new types of modelling languages, the realization of innovative software prototypes and the application of these artefacts in industrial use cases and practical scenarios.

The focus of the research activities lies on Digitalization, Metamodeling, Blockchain and Visualization.

Integrating business informatics methods and augmented reality to revolutionize user experiences in built environments.


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Hans-Georg Fill

Head of Digitalization and Information Systems (DIGITS)
Professor- UNIFR
-building information modeling BIM
-interactions and design processes
-modeling, simulations and algorithms


Digitalization and Information Systems group