Supporting complex decision-making with quantitative methods

The Decision Support & Operations Research (DS&OR) Group develops mathematical theories, models and algorithms to support decision making in complex situations, mainly in logistics and transportation. In particular, the group has been involved in an industrial project in the context of waste collection.

Both profit and non-profit organizations are constantly facing complex problems that need to be addressed with mathematical tools. To be successful in practice, one must have a good and profound understanding of the problem at hand, translate it into mathematical language, implement and solve the resulting formulation on a computer, and be able to communicate the results to the organization.

The DS&OR Group collaborates with industrial partners in projects that comprise some or all of the above-mentioned steps. This is why its research interests span graph theory, mathematical programming and heuristic and metaheuristic methods.

Our goal is to support complex decision making in logistics and transportation.

Bernard Ries, Head of DS&OR Group


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