Architects for Climate is organizing a series of conferences inspired by the "Sustainable Construction Levers" project carried out by the Countdown 2030 association in Basel. The objective is to highlight the most effective means to reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector. Three evenings will delve into themes at the scale of the city, the building, and the detail, in the form of discussion and debate conferences.

How to live better with less? One possible solution is pooling: by sharing spaces, we can also share the resources necessary for their maintenance, improve the quality of facilities, and promote human interaction.

During a conference followed by an open discussion, Charles Munk (HabitatDurable Suisse romande) will detail the economic, ecological, and social benefits of pooling. Meril Sabo (GWJ) and Martin Beutler (Sozial Plastik) will present their housing cooperative project Huebergass in Bern, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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