Urban and architectural design is an important part of the necessary evolution towards the large-scale advanced implementation of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) into urban renewal processes. A key factor is finding a qualitative and quantitative way to link BIPV with the future renewal of the considerable existing building stock in the next decades. In that perspective, the main objectives of the subproject are to cross over the limits of the current practice and to develop a holistic strategy for BIPV-adapted solutions in urban renewal design processes in the Swiss context. In this respect, this project will contribute to significantly advance the architectural practice in the manner of addressing BIPV in urban renewal projects. By assuring the integration of applications-tests carried out on representative case studies in the City of Neuchâtel, this project will offer an attractive link between the development of industrial elements and the generation of operational knowledge directly integrated into new adapted solutions. It represents a strategic potential in terms of transferability and will have positive repercussions for the urban, architectural and constructive design practices.