Building Management 4.0 - innovative services for performance monitoring and facility management

The FACILITY 4.0 project aims to evaluate and develop large-scale deployable building monitoring and management services based on the latest data science techniques including AI, machine learning, cloud and Internet of Things. More specifically, analysis, predictive maintenance, warning or forecasting services are targeted in FACILITY 4.0.

This project is part of the general context of the energy transition and the reduction of the environmental impact of the building sector, which accounts for 1⁄3 of CO2 emissions in Switzerland and about 45% of energy consumption. The question of monitoring and optimising the performance of the 2.3 million buildings in Switzerland is therefore crucial.

For building operators, an obstacle to controlling and increasing performance in the area of facility management is, on the one hand, the lack of data from buildings and the resources needed to analyse them. On the other hand, technical management systems are often not designed for the storage and analysis of historical data.

A co-creation group made up of various economic and scientific partners has the role of identifying and specifying the ICT services tested during the project.