Follow-up monitoring of environmental aspects of the Smart Living Lab building, both during the tender phase and in preparation for the construction phase

The environmental vision of the 2000-Watt Society informed the design of the future Smart Living Lab building, including the definition of its carbon footprint over its entire life cycle, as well as compliance with Minergie-A-ECO label and Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) requirements. During the tendering process, the Building2050 Group carried out several studies to ensure that the building solutions were compatible with the environmental objectives, and compare different optimization scenarios that could serve as a basis for discussion with all the project stakeholders.

These include, for instance, assessment studies for the evaluation of energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life cycle of the project (LESOSAI software); energy studies on light consumption (RELUX software); and studies on thermal comfort (Dial+ software). In addition to the analyses mentioned above, a complete environmental assessment was conducted according to environmental and energy standards throughout the design process.

Compliance with environmental objectives will be checked throughout the construction phase.