Use of open-source digital tools facilitating data exchange for more sustainable built environments

The mission of the Building2050 Group (BUILD) of EPFL is to provide scientific and technical support for the research projects that are using the Smart Living Lab building as an experimental tool. The team also integrates the results of the research program into the design, implementation, and operation of the Smart Living Lab building.

BUILD is conducting applied research to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the built environment, focusing on building-integrated photovoltaics, open source digital tools, 3D modeling, IoT integration, and digital twins of living labs. These research topics have the potential to significantly improve the sustainability of the building sector and contribute to mitigate climate change impacts:

  • Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and hydrogen-based electricity storage systems to achieve carbon neutrality. This approach maximizes the use of solar energy while minimizing the environmental impact of the building’s electricity consumption.
  • Open source digital tools for data / geometry exchange supporting decision making in early-design phases. These tools can enable collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource optimization to improve building sustainability.
  • Exchange of disciplined-based 3D models for energy, solar and daylighting simulations. The use of these models can help optimizing building design and operations, leading to improved energy efficiency and the reduction of environmental impact.
  • Integration of building operation data, sensors-data and 3D models using Internet of Things (IoT) approaches. This integration aims at improving building management systems (BMS) by enabling real-time monitoring and human-centered control of building operations.
  • Open-source platforms (i.e. Speckle) supporting the creation of digital twins of various living labs, including building and neighborhood scales. This approach aims to improve the understanding of building performance by creating digital replicas of built environments.

By leveraging open-source digital tools and customized scripts, we seek to establish a foundation of interoperability for human-centered research-based facility management that adapts to end-users' unique needs and preferences.

Sergi Aguacil, Head of the Building2050 Group


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