Tools for the comprehensive upgrade of Fribourg's built environment

The RenoBAT-FR project seeks to establish a typology of residential buildings in the city of Fribourg, provide indicators for determining the thermal, energy and structural performance of the building, and to develop a roadmap for sustainable energy renovations.

The typology will be a useful tool for professionals and make it possible to apply a uniform approach to the renovation of buildings in the same neighbourhood and from the same period. The development of a roadmap for the renovation of individual houses and rental properties aims to promote sustainable and optimised renovations in relation to the envelope, technical installations, the integration of renewable energy and environmental impacts, while taking into account the architectural specificities of the buildings and the age of the different building elements.

Collaboration with the housing observatory will facilitate the analysis of relevant combinations based on indicators like vacancy rates and average rents. The tools developed in collaboration with the CCRB will be helpful to professionals in their day-to-day work and to owners seeking to renovate their properties (renovation coaching).