Smart Living Lunch

Join our next Smart Living Lunch online on February 10th 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00.
Dr. Julien Nembrini (Human-IST, UNIFR) will present his researches on Leveraging User-Centric Intelligent Daylight and Electric Lighting for Energy Saving (LUCIDELES).
Zoom link upon registration.

The increase of automation in buildings in order to diminish electric lighting and increase daylight exposure for health, comfort and energy saving purposes suffers from negative user perception. The LUCIDELES project aims at studying the potential of a purposeful interplay between a user-centric interface design and an intelligent daylight (DL) and electric lighting (EL) control, to optimize comfort, promote its user acceptance and, in definitive, save electric energy.

Through a series of user studies, the first of which was conducted end of 2020, the project will test how users react to state-of-the-art DL/EL control. Through the use of different experimental methods, the research analyses quantitative as well as qualitative data with the aim to address, in addition to comfort and energy, the emotional component of lighting.
The project is supported by SFOE within the IEA SHC Task 61.