PCM-based solutions for building heating & cooling

The real estate heating/cooling consuming 34% of the Swiss energy must be improved. The main issue is the refurbishment of old buildings. The ENERGY Institute suggests to replace their heating by low cost PCM heat exchangers that store heat and cold with available renewable energy and restore it when required.

Heating and cooling represents 34% of Swiss energy consumption and the 2050 energy strategy plans to reduce it by one third. Although this goal is feasible for new buildings, it remains a challenge for the refurbishment of existing buildings. Furthermore, any envisioned solution must enhance the use of renewable energy while remaining compliant with the numerous standards and affordable for end-customers.

So far, PCM remains poorly used due to low thermal conductivity; our research addresses this issue through simulations of conductivity & convection to improve thermal extraction and optimize the modular design accordingly. At HEIA-FR premises, a digitally controlled demonstrator will highlight the gained performance. Finally, the solutions specifications and compliance will be thoroughly tested.