Development of usage protocols of CAM software and support for work to enable complex 5-axis machining on the PopUP Workshop CNC milling machine

The PopUP prototype workshop of the Smart Living Lab is equipped with a large set of research instrumentation. The Building2050 Group assists the technical unit provide researchers with CAM (computer-aided manufacture) systems. The aim of this project is to develop protocols from different CAM software tools and to enhance the 5-axis functionality of the workshop's digitally controlled machining center (CNC Felder Profit H350 Format 4).

The EPFL Racing Team advanced this work considerably thanks to its development of an electric Formula 1 fin. The main challenge lies in the machining of double curvature-surfaces at both sides of a component, which implies the implementation of a precise parametric modelling (in particular the part's repositioning) and the control of multiple manufacturing operations.

A detailed documentation report is available to the Smart Living Lab community for consultation.