We are excited to invite you to participate in the MISTI-Switzerland workshop :

MIT Media Lab x Smart Living Lab

Join the talks and hackathon on Environmental Sensing and Comfort, Interaction with Data, Sleep Optimization, Rehabilitation and Augmentation, and more.

Featured keynote speaker on 15.01.2024 : Prof. Joe Paradiso.

Joe Paradiso directs the MIT Media Lab's Responsive Environments Group. He received a Ph.D. in physics from MIT with Prof. Ulrich Becker in the Nobel Prize-winning group headed by Prof. Samuel C.C. Ting at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science. His research focuses include ubiquitous computing, embedded systems, sensor networks, wearable and body area networks, energy harvesting and power management for embedded sensors, and interactive media. He also designed and built one of the world's largest modular synthesizers.  


MIT Media Lab x Smart Living Lab workshop



15.01.2024 : Talks from Joe Paradiso (MIT Media Lab) and researchers from UniFR, MIT Media Lab, and EPFL

16.01.2024 : Talks from Denis Lalanne (UniFR), Dusan Licina (EPFL), and researchers from UniFR, MIT Media Lab, and EPFL

17.01.2024 - 18.01.2024 : Hackathon


Sailin ZHONG

Human-IST Institute
PhD Student- UNIFR
-user-centered interfaces
-well-being and behaviors
-human-building interaction


More infohttps://events.human-ist.ch/swisti_2024

Location : Smart Living Lab (Pass. du Cardinal 13b) & UniFR Learning Lab (A201, Bvd Pérolles 90), 1700 Fribourg