Congratulations to Thibaut Menny and Célia Küpfer, two master students in architecture at EPFL advised by the Structural Xploration Lab, who received the Durabilis Award last December. The prize awards master students' works that integrate sustainability principles at their core.

Thibaut's project redefined energy production and tourism in St-Malo, France, by installing 'landscape machines' recolting wind and tidal energy, while reshaping the dyke of 'noires'. Considering all detailed aspects of energy production, transformation, storage, and distribution at the urban and mechanical level, Thibaut also received the BG 'Construction and Sustainable Development' prize. Thibaut had been advised by Prof. Corentin Fivet (SXL), Prof. Thomas Keller (CClab), and Prof. François Maréchal (IPESE).

Célia's thesis questions and frames the application of circular economy in the architectural production in Switzerland. Her thesis argues for new flows of reused materials at the regional scale, in order to ease the design of buildings that reduce waste and energy production to unprecedented levels. The thesis sets the basis for her master project, which consists in the design of a new reclaim material distribution center on the outskirts of Lausanne. Her thesis had been advised by Prof. Emmanuel Rey (LAST), Prof. Corentin Fivet (SXL), and Aleksis Dind (LAST).

This series of recognitions adds up to the SIA prize received by Joseph Desruelle earlier this year.


Corentin Fivet

Head of Structural Xploration Lab (SXL)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor- EPFL
-low carbon and reusable
-load-bearing systems
-design and construction processes