Journée de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme NEuchâtel - JAU-NE

The Smart Living Lab, research center for the built environment of the future, and cradle to the EPFL Fribourg, is invited to participate as an academic partner to JAU-NE, on 10 May 2019. It will present its research activities by means of demonstrators and a speech by Marilyne Andersen, EPFL professor and academic director of the Smart Living Lab. Log in to social media to win free tickets!

As an academic partner of the 2019 JAU-NE edition, the Smart Living Lab will shed light on its research projects and interactive demos, such as Crowd Energy, which shows how to buy, generate, store, and sell energy at a neighborhood scale. A mock-up of the NeighborHub – solar powered house, Swiss winner of the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition – as well as a film devoted to the future smart living lab building will be showcased. As an academic director of the smart living lab, and speaker for the day, Marilyne Andersen will talk about the different research perspectives, and development of the EPFL Fribourg campus.

The "Journée de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme NEuchâtel" aims to create an exchange platform and high-level debates amongst the built environment actors, such as architects, researchers, investors, and public powers at a national and international level. Under the New World theme, the 2019 conference will address the technical, ideological, and professional turning point upon which the future of architectural discipline depends, in the presence of Marc Kushner (Architizer, New York), Béatrice Mariolle (Ecole Nationale d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, France), and Eduardo Souto de Moura (Prix Pritzker 2011, Portugal). A photo contest, deployed on social networks, and intended for students in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and engineering, will allow to win CHF 60.- tickets. Participation conditions can be found online.

JAU-NE, 10.5.2019, 09:00-18:30, Patinoires du Littoral, Neuchâtel