The Building Information Models (BIM)-UP collaborative project has a dual objective:
1) identification of the level of BIM maturity and targets to be reached by construction companies in canton Fribourg;
2) framework of support measures and accompanying tools in order to reduce the gap between the observed BIM maturity level and the target BIM level required by project and BIM management.

This collaborative project, initiated by the BIC cluster and the TRANSFORM Institute of HEIA-FR, brings together 12 partners in canton Fribourg; namely, Antiglio and Grisoni Zaugg (construction groups), Element AG (prefabricated concrete), Groupe E (energy, building technology and mobility cluster), bluefactory (innovation district, owner and operator of buildings), Advent (CAD-BIM software reseller), Objective BIM (advisor and trainer on BIM), BIC, UPCF and academic research groups TRANSFORM (HEIA-FR), Building2050 (EPFL) and HEG-FR.