MIT Media Lab and Smart Living Lab Workshop

The MISTI-Switzerland workshop, a collaborative effort between MIT Media Lab and Smart Living Lab, took place from Jan 15th to 19th, 2024, at EPFL Fribourg campus and University of Fribourg and delved into diverse topics such as :

  • environmental sensing
  • comfort
  • data interaction
  • sleep optimization
  • rehabilitation
  • augmentation

Drawing participants from various disciplines, the event became a melting pot of ideas, fostering rich discussions and inspiring new research directions. The interdisciplinary exchange proved instrumental in generating fresh perspectives and innovative concepts, opening the doors for more collaborations and explorations.

Thank you from the organization committee to all the attendees and professors for making this workshop a success, and special thanks from the SLL team to MIT members for making the journey, putting in dedicated efforts to make it possible, and sharing their projects and ideas.

Check out the MIT summary post for a detailed reflection on the workshop.



Sailin ZHONG

Human-IST Institute
PhD Student- UNIFR
-user-centered interfaces
-well-being and behaviors
-human-building interaction


Program of the event.

Detailed post and reflection on the MIT website.