Invited Talk

Kean Walmsley and Dagmara Szkurlat, both Senior Managers in Human-Centric Building Design at Autodesk Research, will present their ongoing research projects in Fribourg. Meet the scientists invited by Prof. Andrew Sonta, Head of EPFL ETHOS Lab, on Thursday, 11.05.2023, from 11:30 to 12:30, at the blue Hall of bluefactory (room HBL0 21A). No online streaming available.

Autodesk started its research into designing human-centric buildings more than a decade ago. Over the last year Autodesk Research has created a larger, more coordinated effort that leverages this deep experience to imagine future design workflows and technologies that will help architects and building designers create building designs that are suited to the diverse and evolving needs of their occupants. During this talk, Kean and Dagmara will introduce Autodesk’s current work and future plans in this exciting space.

Kean Walmsley

Kean Walmsley is a Senior Manager and Software Architect working at Autodesk Research in Switzerland. He is currently leading the effort to build tools for Human-Centric Building Design, having worked previously on related projects around digital twins and generative design. Kean has worked in various roles – and in various countries – during his career at Autodesk, including building and managing teams of software developers in Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. Kean engages regularly with Autodesk’s developer and computational design communities, providing technical content and insights into technology evolution.

Dagmara Szkurlat

Dagmara Szkurlat is a Senior Manager working at Autodesk Research in London, UK. With a background in mechanical engineering she has worked on projects to develop generative design algorithms across manufacturing and AEC industries. Dagmara is co-leading the effort around Human-Centric Building Design, harnessing her background in generative design and spatial computing to help imagine architecture workflows of the future.

INVITED TALK | Autodesk’s Research into Human-Centric Building Design bluefactory Fribourg | Room HBL0 21A | 11:30 - 12:30



Andrew Sonta

Head of Ethos Lab
Tenure Track Assisstant Professor- EPFL
-sustainable urbanism
-data visualization
-interactions and design processes

Kean Walmsley | Software Architect

Dagmara Szkurlat | Research Engineer