A presentation by Stefanie Schwab, Professor at TRANSFORM Institute (HEIA-FR) and Lionel Rinquet, Professor at inPACT Institute (hepia).

eREN2 analyses synergies between energetic refurbishment and densification. What is the real potential for densification of the main existing types of collective residential buildings from a legal, spatial, constructive and structural point of view? Does densification make it possible to improve energy consumption per m2 compared to a simple renovation? In case of densification do the additional rents pay for the energetic refurbishment works of the existing building envelope? Are there any other synergies between energetic refurbishment and densification?

After graduating in architecture from the TU Darmstadt, Stefanie Schwab specialises as an architect in the expertise, diagnosis and renovation of existing buildings. She then joined the architecture department and the TRANSFORM Institute (HEIA-FR) at the Smart Living Lab, teaching construction and conducting research projects in the field of renovation and reconversion of architectural heritage.

Lionel Rinquet is an architect with a degree from EPFL and a MBA from HEC Lausanne. He has managed a construction company and has been involved in numerous construction projects in Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, and Spain. Since 2013, he has been a professor in architecture at HES-SO (hepia, Geneva), where he teaches project management and construction. He also conducts research, mainly in the field of energetic transition of the building stock.

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Stefanie Schwab

Associate Professor UAS- HEIA-FR
-architectural heritage
-refurbishment or rehabilitation
-efficient energy strategies and regulation