SATIN – Developing a system analysis tool for socio-spatial innovation networks

A joint presentation by Jonathan Parrat, Senior Academic UAS at the TRANSFORM Institute, School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, Switzerland (HEIA-FR) and Anton Sentic, Senior Researcher at the international institute of management in technology (iimt), University of Fribourg.

Communication and collaboration are core elements of innovative research processes, allowing information and knowledge to be exchanged between different actors, transcending institutional boundaries and connecting different fields of expertise. Particularly in open-innovation environments such as living labs or open innovation districts, the ability of their inhabitants to communicate and collaborate freely, effectively and efficiently has a strong influence on their overall output in terms of generated new knowledge. Drawing on results from previous studies done by both research groups, the concept of social networks in living labs is connected to the concept of the spatial location of a given person within the network influencing their role and performance, and the resulting bridging concept applied to the case of the Smart Living Lab. The ultimate outcome of the project is the development of a system analysis tool that can be used for reviewing social networks and spatial characteristics of spatially delineated innovation systems.

The smart living lunches take place once a month from 11 am to 1 pm in Fribourg to present the research activities of the Smart Living Lab. A lunch is served after the presentation. These events are designed for the Smart Living Lab’s community.

smart living lunch #6 Fribourg | 11:00-13:00



Jonathan Parrat

Senior Academic Associate UAS- HEIA-FR
-spatial analysis or planning
-sociological and economical approaches
-design and construction processes

Anton Sentic