Join our next Smart Living Lunch on 26 Mai 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 online. Prof. Stéphane Commend (iTEC, HEIA-FR) will give participants an insight into probabilistic approaches in geotechnical engineering, uncertainty quantification, reliability, sensitivity analyses and associated benefits with respect to a deterministic approach. Presentation link on demand.

Practical applications including typical geotechnical problems (slope stability, anchored wall, foundation settlement) will be discussed and solved using UQLab and ZSOIL. A few words on the Bayesian approach in order to perform inverse analyses will conclude the talk.

Uncertainty is present everywhere in geotechnical engineering and soil-structure interaction analysis: soil parameters are usually not known exactly, and also vary in space. Common practice consists in performing a deterministic analysis with "safety" factors. However, this technique does not give much insight into what the actual risk is. Today, a stronger integration of probabilistic approaches into safety assessment procedures and geotechnical computational mechanics in general seems appropriate.

SMART LIVING LUNCH | Probabilistic approaches applied to geotechnical finite element analyses online | 11:00-12:00



Stéphane Commend

iTEC Institute
Associate Professor UAS- HEIA-FR
-natural hazards
-soil-building interaction
-modeling, simulations and algorithms